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The Island of Spice

The island of Grenada is a small, warm, and beautiful island in the Caribbean sea.

Grenada is generally regarded to be the largest island in the Grenadines, and known as the ""Island of Spice"" due to its abundance in crops and spices, including nutmeg and mace – which is exports huge amounts of. The country has a critically endangered national bird called the Grenada Dove, look out for these extremely rare creatures if you visit.

The capital of Grenada is the beautiful crème and terracotta city of St. George.

Many flock to the island to enjoy its warm sapphire waters - scuba diving is a very popular and worthwhile activity on the island.

If you do end up beneath the waves, be sure to check out Grenada's heart rendering and beautiful underwater sculptures.

However, others come to sun drenched Grenada for the growing eco-tourism industry. While the official Grenadian language is English, creole is commonly spoken among locals, and every day phrases and words are laced with French, as is the cooking and architecture!

The ""oildown"" is considered to be the national dish. It's a lively and complicated recipe full of new and unfamiliar ingredients – certainly worth a try. Grab a plate at one of Grenada's famous carnivals, ringing with calypso, and reggae.

If you want to go a little more up market try the Bash Restaurant by Mark B: sitting on one of Granada's many pure white sand shores, it offers an exciting menu that draws from Grenada's native ingredients and spices. Go for a hearty lunch or Grenadine tapas and cocktails as the sun sets.

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