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Krakow is one of the cultural highlights of Poland, with a rich history and splendid Gothic and Renaissance architecture to enjoy. It was Poland's medieval capital, and although political power has since moved to Warsaw, Krakow is quite rightly the leading tourist destination. A close encounter is what you look forward to with enigmatic spots, and taking a cheap flight to Krakow will get you to them sooner than you think.

This compelling Polish town never goes down boasting of its historical highlights. Having been on loose for centuries, tourists fond of olden times book cheap flights to Krakow to get up close and personal with the ancient charm restored until now.

Rynek Glowny, the market square at the centre of Krakow's Old Town is at the centre of tourist attractions and flanked by impressive building such as the Cloth Hall and the Mariacka Basilica. Wawel Castle is another must-see attraction, whilst the quiet of the old Jewish Quarter is a reminder of some of Poland's darkest hours during World War II. You can also use Krakow as a base to explore the Wieliczka Salt Mines, which have been in use for over 700 years.

Krakow's truly comes across a city where historical tales can be found in abundance depicting heritage dates back to times of yore. Being a history buff, comparing cheapest deals on flights to Krakow for a weekend break blended with ancient appeal and modern grace is a right thing to do.

One of the joys of Krakow is simply wandering through its narrow streets and stumbling upon the next cultural treasure or welcoming cellar bar. It has a vibrant nightlife, and there are plenty of good restaurants and wine bars to be found as well as the livelier haunts that attract students and weekend visitors. If you ever believed in legends, flights to Krakow would not keep you far from the truth that Poland's second largest city was founded on the defeat of a dragon.

Witness the Auschwitz concentration camp when Nazi set a perfect example showing what brutality was all about. Many with eager minds book cheap flights to Krakow to know about the detention centre.

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