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The World's Northernmost Capital

Home to more than 100 different nationalities, Reykjavik is cosmopolitan and yet distinctly Nordic in character. Despite its reputation for ice, the temperature, even in winter, never drops below 15C thanks to the island's proximity to the warming Gulf Stream.

Adventurous sorts will want to take advantage of Iceland's many landscapes, from exploring volcanoes to traversing the masses of glacial ice. Making the most out of nature is what fascinates you to the core, and December, being the off-season, for a flight to Reykjavik will merge you with nature at its best.

Relaxation is also something those in Reykjavik take seriously, as nature provides fantastic geothermal spa facilities amid natural hot springs. So, you can be like minds with eager travelers hunting discounted flight tickets for a destination blessed with warm, mineral-rich hot springs for a healthy splash.

If city life is more your thing, Reykjavik boasts some of the finest shops and restaurants in Northern Europe. Thanks to its landscape of rugged coastline mixed with many islands, Reykjavik is home to excellent fishing, whether you're interested in catching it or just eating it as part of a traditional seafood lunch.

Reykjavik has unique seasons with summer days enjoying 24 hours of daylight. In winter, it's the best place in the world to watch the Northern Lights whilst sipping a traditional Brennivín, Iceland's national drink.

For die-hard music lovers targeting at some guilty pleasure at the concerts and musical events, the intense passion never keeps them away from enjoying the music to its full potential. Soothing masterpieces worked upon by creative minds are just one of the reasons why tourists from all around the world grab cheap flights to Reykjavik.

A quick glance at Hofdi House, host to some of the eminent personalities including the Queen, will not keep you deprived of its ever-lasting beauty. It's surely come a long way since 1909, when this building took its first breath. Its architectural appeal act as a compelling factor making one book flights to Reykjavik.

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