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The City of Parks

The modern heart of Iran is a destination which repays close attention. This dynamic city is at the country's political and cultural vanguard, and the place to go if you want to see history as it's being made.

Everything from youth fashions to artistic movements originate in this densely populated hub, and it also presents a fascinating microcosm of Iranian society, with a wealthy, confident, forward-looking secular community in its Southern half, and hospitable, religious traditionalists in the North.

It also has plenty of fine museums, palaces and places of worship to visit. For a glimpse of Persia's opulent past, you must not miss the National Jewels Museum and its centrepiece, the gem-encrusted Peacock Throne. And to see into the real life of today's Tehran, spend a few hours people-watching in the central urban green oasis that is Park-e Laleh.

If you're travelling to Iran and want a practical base from which to visit more glamorous historical sites like Persepolis or Esfahan, Tehran has some excellent hotels and the best selection of restaurants in the country, and you'll gain immeasurable insight by living among its vibrant and welcoming populace as they go about their everyday business.

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