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The City of Colors

Are you ready for a truly charming city and the excitement that comes from discovering an authentic place that hasn’t yet been changed by tourism? Are you ready for a real European adventure? Then, you should quickly book a cheap flight tickets to Tirana, Albania’s capital! Beautiful parks, an interesting history, a lively nightlife and great hikes are waiting for you!

Tirana was founded by Sulejman Pasha Bargjini in 1614 and became Albania’s capital in 1925. Quite special for this city are the many panel buildings from the communist era that were repainted in a funky and sometimes slightly Hundertwasser-like way. Indeed, Tirana’s mayor, Edi Rama, used to be an artist and has visibly shown creativity when it came to beautifying the run-down buildings form the communist era. With success! This could be a great way of beautifying other concrete cities as well.

However, Albania’s absolute highlight is the medieval Krujë Castle with the restored bazaar from Ottoman times and the informative Skenderbeg museum about Albania’s national hero. In Tirana itself, the beautiful Et’hem Bey Mosque and the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania are vivid testimonies to the country’s multireligious past and open for visitors. Right adjacent to the city’s Skanderbeg Square, the National Historic Museum is another must-see. And, to get a glimpse of Tirana’s modern architecture, you absolutely should check out the Piramida, which nowadays serves as a convention centre and as a location for exhibitions.

If you like castles, you should absolutely head out of Tirana to pay a visit to the well-preserved Petrela Castle. Also, just 2 hours south, there’s the site of the ancient Greek town Apollonia, which was then taken over by the Romans. Even though the largest part of the city hasn’t yet been excavated, a couple of villas, temples and the theatre are accessible.

However, a trip to Tirana wouldn’t be complete without tasting the local cuisine. You can get traditional Albanian dishes at Oda restaurant or Sofra e Ariut in Tirana. Plan a drink in Hemingway Tirana to digest your meal – this bar is known to be really cool! Also, if you want to do some shopping, Tirana is going to feel like heaven. Prices in Albania are lower than in most of Western Europe.

You can easily explore Tirana on foot or by bike. Also, there is an extensive bus network, with which you can get nearly everywhere in the city. Just know that there isn’t really any bus station and that the schedule isn’t necessarily reliable. Best buy a map and study it in advance…and ask your way around! Of course, taxi services exist as well.

The best time to visit Tirana in May, June and September, when temperatures aren’t scorchingly hot but still nice and warm.

You must compare flight tickets to Tirana from London so that you can choose an affordable one, and fly to one of the most sought after tourist destinations on Earth.

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