FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:(1) What is the difference between a nonstop flight and a direct flight? Are they the same?

A nonstop flight is not the same as a direct flight.

A nonstop flight will not make a stop en route and will fly you from A to B.

A direct flight is one that may have at least one stop between your departure and your destination. It will have a single flight number and at the stop point some passengers may remain seated on the aircraft, though some of them exit and make way for other passengers to get on board.

Q:(2) How do I search for flights on compareandfly.com ?

Whether you are looking for a cheap flight or a more direct or convenient timed flight, our search facility will direct you to the best website to book it on.

Either use the flight search on our home page or navigate to the destination page of your choice, where you will find details of special offers and information on things to do and places to go.

Populate the search box with your preferred departure point and destination of choice, select your outbound and return dates (or select one way if only looking for a one way flight), select number of passengers and hit "search".

Our search facility will search thousands of flight options from multiple partners and list them in price order, you can use the filters on the left hand side to filter out airlines you are not interested in or just select the airline you are only interested in. Click on the price of flight that suits you and you will be directed to that partners website where you can then complete an on-line booking.

Q:(3) How can I change or cancel my flight reservation?

If you want to change or cancel your flight reservation, you will need to contact the company you booked through, most cheap flights are non-changeable and non-refundable but some airlines will allow changes at a cost subject to the terms of the air fare.

Q:(4) When is the best time to book the flight?

Flight prices fluctuate all the time and although there is plenty of research out there that claims they have found the sweet spot as to when to book the cheapest flight, none of this can actually be proved.

The two best times to consider booking are either very early – ie 9 or 10 months before departure when the airlines have just released their inventory. Or last minute – ie a week or so before departure when airlines need to dump unsold seats.

If booking a flight during a busy period, say a bank holiday or public holiday it would be recommended to book early to avoid disappointment, likewise if you are set on specific dates.

If you are flexible and travelling out of season then last minute is probably best for you.

For more details on booking cheap flights see our blog post – Top 10 Tips for booking cheap flights.

Q:(5) Who should I get in touch with for my booking?

Once you have found the flight that suits you, we will simply direct you to one of our partners' websites, where you can continue to book online. Your booking will be with the agent or airline you select, and not with compareandfly.com. Should you have any questions regarding completing a booking online, making any changes to a booking, issues regarding payment or luggage, we recommend you to contact the partner direct.

Q:(6) How can I find my booking confirmation?

compareandfly.com is a travel comparison website that helps customers compare flights to their chosen destination. After finding the flight that suits you, we redirect you to the respective agent or airline so that you can complete your booking on line. So, your booking confirmation lies with either one of them.

Once you're done booking a flight, you will be sent a confirmation via email. If you do not receive a confirmation within a few minutes of completing a booking we suggest you first check your spam or trash folder. If you still are unable to find your confirmation email then check with the partner you have booked with, either by email or by phone.